Throughout his many decades of successful entrepreneurship and leadership, including with Universal Studios,, private equity firm J.H. Whitney Capital Partners and, most recently, Hookit, Carl has been referred to by many as “The Best Boss Ever.”

Carl attributes much of his success to his ability to “see around corners,” reading situations expertly and accurately to best inform his decision making. Now, he hopes to share the most poignant lessonsfrom his considerable list of accomplishments.

Audiences will find Carl conversational, approachable, humble; and most importantly, that he actually knows what he’s talking about. Carl’s keynotes are sure to resonate in the minds of his audiences for years to come.

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Who’s the best boss you’ve ever had? More importantly, what made them such excellent leaders? In this keynote, Carl shares his expertise on what makes for an excellent employer—as well as the five unteachable, inherent qualities we all possess that can be honed to make us trusted leaders.

In his decades of business experience, Carl has been appreciated for his personal and professional approach to the value of otherwise underrepresented voices in the workplace. He discusses how disagreements and differing points of view are allowed to be discussed, debated, and ultimately adjudicated in the workplace, making professional relationships stronger. Differing points of view is why you hired these employees in the first place -and Carl will instruct you in how to make your place of work into a team effort where everyone wins.



His most recent executive accomplishment as Chief Revenue & Business Development Officer for Hookit, a San Diego based digital platform created to measure, analyze and value Brand Sponsorship ROI of athletes, teams, leagues, federations, events and agencies, he dramatically expanded growth into mainstream sport across North America and opening Europe, including a successful $16M Series C private equity backed growth investment. But it’s Thomas’s 25+ years of senior management experience that allowed him to come in at the top of this young, cutting-edge company and help disrupt the global media measurement industry.

A proven leader and international growth executive in the sports, media, and entertainment industries, Thomas has experience with companies ranging from early stage entrepreneurial ventures to multi-billion dollar public firms, all of which make him uniquely suited to adapt his “old school” sensibilities to new school entrepreneurial undertakings. In this keynote, Carl explains what he’s learned over decades of experience in business, and how true leadership requires adapting to new developments.

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Thomas was the Vice President of marketing at Speedo Swimwear in 1981, where he had the vision to create the U.S. Triathlon Series(USTS). The format of the series and the distance was considered ideal for Olympic competition, and Thomas predicted that by the time triathlon was an Olympic sport, “hundreds of thousands of athletes will have competed at the Olympic distance” worldwide. In 1984, he founded CAT Sports Inc., owning and producing the national USTS series, inking national sponsorship agreements with Bud Light, Coca Cola, AT&T, Abbott Laboratories and many others. In the process, creating network televised special events for a number of sports and acting as the executive producer of over 25 televised events for ESPN, NBC Sports, ABC Sports, FOX Sports Net and other national syndications. Thomas also co-founded and served as the first Treasurer of the International Triathlon Union (ITU). He is widely acclaimed as a pioneer in the global triathlon community. In this keynote, Carl explains his early athletic experience, his vision for the triathlon series, and how his mission to have the sport recognized as an Olympic competition shaped the course of his career.

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